One Peace Quilt Prayer
Beloved.. Divine One.. Mother / Father / Creator God.. Adi Shakti.. we invoke the power of Your presence.. All Angels and Archangels.. to All Our Ancestors.. Grandmother / Grandfather, to All our Relations: Svaha, Svadha Namostute.. Love Love we offer you ALL Love.. All That Is.. Light of infinite Fire.. the Light that surpasses all Wisdom that it may illuminate our Paths, place our feet firmly on the Path of Light.. Light.. Void.. Wind.. Rock and Trees.. Rivers and Oceans.. Oshun/ Yemeya.. the Heavenly Bodies.. all Jyotish and all Space between these, the Antariksam that surrounds us and All that supports us we offer our unending Gratitude.. All known by All Names, experienced through All Ways, we honor your Glory and are filled with your Grace… we call to the directions East South West North and call to the Center. We call up, we call below our feet. We shout out.. We inquire within.
Some of us are here to ask for Divine order to touch their lives and lift their difficulties. So as instruments of Grace, we hold our loved ones today in the Light, Bring Inspiration to their inner and outer wellness, Illuminate them by this purification, place their feet firmly on the path of Light and guide their walk. Pass them thru a chain of Angles. When we have quieted out minds and transcended enough noise and radiation, we can hear how it really is… when we are with the flame – we are the flame…. When we are with another being’s mind… we are the other being’s mind… when there is a task to do …. We are the task… when we reside in the hrdyam – our own true hearts - we reside in the hearts of each other. Concecrate to Your Will, our hearts, and hands, and tongues so that we may use them as our tools to do the work of Your Grace, with readiness to experience what we are called to do, knowing that when we participate in transforming others, we transform ourselves as well. Let that process begin with us now. May this too, be done in Beauty. (hold intention of prayer clearly in the third eye) OM TAT SAT so be it. Amen.

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The Light emitting from this page, forming the digital image of a quilt, creates a piecework quilt made entirely of Light, a Peacework of many peoples hearts forming one covering with a common foundation of Grace, an emission of Love and Peace. The Light emitting from this page is a Sacred Fire, its purpose is to reflect the Sacred Space in your heart which I refer to as the Inner Yajnya. This is the hearth and home of inner Peace. It is pure Love.
Add an image and link to a website on the Quilt. Instructions and Concept are above